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Blog consent forms

On our blog we only post photos that show the faces of children who's parents have signed the  consent form. If you haven't signed a consent, we will only post photos from behind or not at all. There were many consent forms that we didn't receive back so that is considered a denial of consent. Please reach out to Miss. Kayla if you would like to see more photos of your little one on our blog.
Recent posts

2nd grade visits Snell Family Farm!

Our 2nd graders had the best time at Snell Family Farm! We picked an apple and carrots and learned all about how Snell grows all of there vegetables and fruits. Snell Family Farm- Here's a few photos of our trip!

Firetrucks visit Riverton!

Every year our Kindergarten friends get to see the fire trucks and learn about fire safety from our local fire fighters. 

Riverton visits the Cumberland Fair!

Our friends had a great time at the Cumberland Fair this year! We saw lots of animals, tried apple cider, pancakes and maple syrup and rode a railroad handcar!! Here are some pictures from our trip.

Websites for kids

Hello families! We have added a few pages of more information regarding resources for you and your kiddos. If you click on the link on the top left hand corner of the page you'll see the pages available to you. So far we have added websites for the kiddos to use while at home as well as a the link to 'Remind' which is a great program to help keep you in contact with your child's teachers and therapists. Websites for home- Here are some great websites for kids to use while on a computer: Accessible Youtube: Simple Games (HelpKidzLearn) : Typing games: Remind-

Welcome to Bridge K-2!!

We have a blog! Check back for updates on what we're doing in class! Our friends had fun painting with leaves last week. Check out the bulletin board outside our classroom for their masterpieces. Have a great week!